Alaska has the highest healthcare costs in the United States and the world.

Just because we live in Alaska, doesn’t mean that we have to have high healthcare costs. These increasing healthcare costs are affecting Alaska’s economy and employers’ bottom line to the point where many may no longer be able to compete with companies based in the Lower 48.

Alaska businesses want to continue to have the ability to recruit new hires and retain current employees by offering sustainable and reasonable employee health benefits, but rising healthcare costs are becoming an insurmountable obstacle.

Alaska employers are positioned to tell this story from a business perspective and can share a greater understanding of the drivers of higher healthcare costs, which can then be used to explore ideas and identify potential solutions.

Alaska’s healthcare costs are not sustainable. Be a part of the conversation as we explore the factors driving rising healthcare costs and how we can make a difference.

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Who We Are:

Alaskans for Sustainable Healthcare Costs (ASHC) is a group of Alaskan employers who are concerned about the current healthcare environment and are working together to help the community understand and find solutions to the drivers that are affecting these rising costs, which in turn, affect employee benefits expenses and individual premiums. Armed with credible information and data, the coalition gives employers a common voice.

Our Goal:

The goal of this group is to communicate with key audiences to help educate and understand the drivers behind the cost of healthcare, including sharing compelling, comparative data points between Alaska and other areas with similar demographic and logistical factors. This group will also be able to share potential solutions as well.