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Our voice is driven by our fellow Alaskans who have been affected by the rising healthcare costs in Alaska.

Read stories from local Alaska find-bride.com scam business owners about how rising healthcare costs have affected their bottom line and share your own story here.


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Kris Ossenkop

It’s to the point where you question whether you can have a health plan at all. In 1983, when we bought this business, there was no deductible, no co-pay and 100 percent paid by us. It provided cost effective incentives, ...
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Marten Martensen

I came into this business in 1999, and at that time, there was no cost to employees for health insurance, including a zero deductible and the standard 80/20 insurance co-pay. It cost us, as a business, about $400,000 per year ...
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Kyle Mirka

I own two Alaska businesses, which employ nearly 60 employees total. At the end of 2016, I was faced with a decision on whether or not to continue my employer-sponsored healthcare plan because premiums had gone up nearly 40 percent ...
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Anna Nelson

The Interior AIDS Association is a small non-profit agency providing HIV case management, prevention, and drug treatment services in Fairbanks. I have nine employees eligible for health insurance and it costs the agency about $80,000 for this employee-only "benefit.” We ...
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Kirsten Stanley

We are a sole proprietor business with no employees. This year my husband qualifies for Medicare, leaving us only needing health insurance for me. For a catastrophic plan with a high deductible, it is over $800 a month. In a ...
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Janie Dusel

I own a small engineering consulting firm in Anchorage, and the costs for me to offer health insurance to my employees has been growing substantially. I'm very concerned about the current costs as well as potential future costs if the ...
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