Kris Ossenkop

It’s to the point where you question whether you can have a health plan at all. In 1983, when we bought this business, there was no deductible, no co-pay and 100 percent paid by us. It provided cost effective incentives, which tied employees to us and we felt worthwhile offering the program. It was a no-brainer!

Today, we have a catastrophic plan with a high deductibl, split co-pay at 60/40 and co-insurance. It’s reaching the tipping point where it’s not economically feasible for us. Our employees make decent wages but when you take a large chunk of their paycheck, many decide not to join. The expense forces employees to take on risk and puts our brand in question when we offer less than optimal product. It puts every single person in our company in a bind.

Kriss Ossenkop
Northwest Auto Parts